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The next meeting will be held by zoom at 7.30pm on Monday 20th February 2023. For further information please contact the Secretary on.07887 980004/ 01442 823514 or  by email to michaeldemidecki@gmail.com


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On Sunday 8th July 2012 walkers joined members of the Justice & Peace Group, Tring for a walk in honour of the ancient tradition of a period of truce to all conflict around the time of the Olympic Games. The ancient Olympics were marked by a sacred truce. This was so that competitors could reach Olympia safely when travelling through warring city-states in the Greek peninsula.                


The group met at the War Memorial, Church Square in Tring and divided into three groups to walk to the War Memorials in Wigginton, Aldbury or Marsworth, before returning to the Parish Hall of St Peter & St Paul’s Church for refreshments. An olive wreath was laid at each memorial and a short statement invoking the Olympic message of peace and friendship was read out and left. Nick Hollinghurst, Major of Tring, laid the first olive wreath at the Tring Memorial and read out the Olympic Peace Statement.              


The laying of a wreath at the memorials to those who died in war was our way of honouring the goal of the Olympics - to build a peaceful and better world by educating people that sport, practised without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, promotes mutual understanding, friendship, solidarity and fair play.

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