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The Group meets each month except December. The next meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Wednesday 30th October 2019 at St Martha's Church, Tring or contact the Secretary on 07887 980004/07887 980004 




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Welcome to Justice & Peace Group, Tring

The Justice & Peace Group in Tring is made up of people of all ages and from very different backgrounds.


We believe in justice and peace for the world, and for every individual within it. We champion respect for the environment, human rights for the afflicted and assistance for the needy.


We were the group who did all the work behind Tring becoming a Fairtrade town.     

We help people, at home or abroad, through raising awareness and funds, lobbying politicians, or promoting action, on issues we see as affecting justice and peace.

The 2019 Guide to Local Produce and Fairtrade in Tring
Download this handy guide to where you can buy Fairtrade and Local Produce in Tring
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  Sainsbury to reduce support for Fairtrade 

Sainsbury, the world’s largest retailer of Fairtrade produce, are trialling a new scheme for their own-label teas called ‘Fairly Traded’ and moving away from the ‘Fairtrade’ scheme that is run by the independent charity – The Fairtrade Foundation (50% owned by the farmers/growers).


Both schemes guarantee a minimum price to the farmers but the key difference is how the premium is paid to producers. Fairtrade’s premium fund is given directly to the farming communities which decide how the money is used to the benefit of their local area. Under the Fairtrade scheme the local communities are in charge of how the money they have earned is spent.


Under Sainsbury’s ‘Fairly Traded’ scheme the funds will be managed by the Sainsbury’s Foundation, who will work with the farmers to create ‘action plans’ for how to use the premium. This means that farmers will go from being in control of the money they earned to spend on community and local projects to having to apply to a board in London in order to access the money they had rightfully earned, with no guarantee they would receive it. 


Taking control away from local communities is a backward step. If you agree then please support the petition by clicking on the following link.



You can also complain directly to the CEO of Sainsbury at this address:

Mr Mike Coupe

Chief Executive

Sainsbury plc

33 Holborn




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